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With over fifty years of experience and a reputation built on quality of service, at OCS Retail Support we are proud to be the UK’s market leader in the provision of support services to the retail sector. We go to great lengths to achieve a complete understanding of our clients’ businesses to provide flexible and tailored solutions that meet their requirements efficiently and cost effectively.

At OCS Retail Support our people are our most valuable assets. We employ in excess of 2,500 highly trained, and highly skilled personnel throughout the UK. Recruited for their relevant experience, they are familiar with the retail environment and understand the operational challenge in the sector today. Recognition of the worth of our people is just one of the reasons why we enjoy high levels of staff retention,

By choosing OCS Retail Support, your own resources are utilised more effectively resulting in significant savings in both time and money.

1961Established as John Churchill & CoJohn Churchill
1979Acquired by OCS Group LtdOCS Retail
1988Adopted use of barcode scanning technology More Info
1991Introduced Vehicle Audit services More Info
1996Branded as Churchill Stocktakers Churchill
1999Established Supply Chain Audit Services division More Info
2000Establish presence in Pharmacy Stocktaking market - Acquired market leader Duncan McLean & Co Duncan
2001OCS Churchill - Adopted new OCS branding Churchill
2003Set up Store Support & Merchandising division More Info
2004OCS Inventory & Audit - Brand changed to reflect new corporate structure Ocs Invent
2007Commenced structured expansion to service strategic European markets More Info
2008OCS Retail Support - New name to emphasize focus on Retail based services Support Logo
2009Introduce Profit Protection services
2009Become key component of SecureSmart initiative
2009Establish close working relationship with OCS Security Systems - To enable a broader security focused service to be offered
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