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In all areas of your business you will be looking at how to incorporate new technologies to improve processes as a whole. OCS Retail Support was the first UK audit company to successfully roll out wireless Radio Frequency technology after its introduction a few years ago to support supply chain management and accurate inventory counts. We now use RF technology to ensure the right stock is in the right place, at the right time with no discrepancies.

Our stocktake and audit systems are built around START, our desktop based data consolidation, reporting and processing programme, which is tailored to meet your specific requirements. The START system can be configured to exchange data with the majority of retail systems, removing the need for time consuming and expensive re-programming.

MIDAS technology designed for handheld mobile devices enables our auditors to rapidly perform delivery and stock checks in the supply chain. Customisation of this technology ensures all pertinent data is collected and reported accurately, and in smaller audits we utilise mobile PDA technology.

Our vehicle audit services now use a Windows mobile platform based software package called SMART. Built to handle the clients’ bespoke audit specifications and developed from an auditor’s perspective, its intuitive user interface and extensive reporting package ensure that highly accurate data is collected and reported. Compatible with most wholesale funding systems, SMART can utilise any electronic software file format that has a consistent, pre-defined layout.

Management Information

One of the main benefits of outsourcing stocktaking and audit services is the quality and detail of reports and management information provided at the end of the audit. The technology used by OCS Retail Support and the software used to manage client data can interface directly with most client systems, negating the need to invest time and money in integrating systems.

Our reports are designed to meet your specific requirements and to integrate with your in house IT and management reporting processes. We use our own bespoke audit software and have developed a broad menu of reports available both during and after the inventory count.

We provide clients with secure online access to their stock audit data and reports. We have also developed a market leading web based management information dashboard which allows our clients to analyse, review and report on their data in a way that is relevant to their business, simply by logging onto the site.

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