Keeping Stores Fully Stocked This Christmas

30th Aug 2017

As we leave the last Bank Holiday of the warmer months behind us, awaiting us is the chill of Autumn with it’s darker nights, the children going back to school and the lead up to Christmas.

Action plans will be well underway with most retailers to ensure near 100% availability during what is historically a critical period for the sector. Retail performance over the Christmas period is a benchmark by which retailers are judged and can make or break the whole year for the business.

A significant part of the process is adequately replenishing the shelves as goods fly out the door in volumes unequalled for the rest of the year. Keeping stores fully stocked and customers happy during peaks in demand can be hard to manage with a workforce whose primary focus is on the efficient day-to-day running of a store.

At OCS Retail Support, we help retailers to absorb these peaks by providing the personnel to cope with the increased demands. Our Supply Chain teams seamlessly book in new deliveries and our Merchandising & Replenishment teams keep sales flowing with fully stocked shelves. To find out more about how we support retailers: