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Promotional Compliance

As a retail audit company we will arrange for continuous promotional checks and store auditing to certify your promotions are displayed correctly and receiving the maximum interest from and exposure to the consumer.

Having heavily invested in point of sale material and visual merchandising, then installing and rolling out promotional campaigns across the country, we know how important it is to retailers that their in-store promotions are upheld for the life of the campaign.

This is where our retail compliance auditing service comes in. After all the time and resources the brand has invested, retailers need a way of ensuring their promotions do not fail due to non-compliant outlets.

As part of our promotional compliance service, our team will ensure Free Standing Display Units (FSDU’s), shelf edge labelling and advertising material are all being correctly used and in compliance with the client’s guidelines.

Our retail audit reports are then fed directly back to the retailer giving unbiased and direct feedback, providing accurate data to analyse the campaign’s return on investment.

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