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Our RFID retail inventory management service offers retailers the opportunity to adopt a new approach to stock availability and inventory management.

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Based on RFKeeper’s plug & play RFID solution, our RFID inventory management services enable retailers to deploy RFID rapidly, without the need for complex software integration with their existing systems or investment in IT infrastructure.

We offer an end-to-end RFID retail solution for monitoring stock availability, as well as RFID inventory management which means the client does not have to invest in extensive training programmes or changes in working procedures.

In addition to incorporating RFID into supply chain management and highly accurate inventory counts, we can implement a RFID inventory tracking system to allow retailers to keep an eye on sales and marketing efforts.

OCS Retail Support’s approach to RFID enables retailers to quantify costs and savings and quickly build a return on investment.

Our RFID retail solutions include:

  • Automated Inventory counts
  • Merchandise replenishment
  • Product mix validation
  • Price markdown
  • Item tagging

Our smart store application can deliver:

  • Rapid POS checkout
  • Fitting room intelligence
  • Self-checkout stand
  • Targeted sales and marketing
  • Item locator
  • Fitting room shopper aid
  • Personal styling stand
  • RFID loyalty cards

The benefits of our managed service approach are:

  • Increased sales
  • Reduce out of stocks
  • Automate inventory counts
  • Minimise customer walkouts
  • Ensure the right product mix
  • Shorten customer checkout lines

Key Benefits of using RFID

Many retailers are now showing interest in RFID as the return on investment can be achieved within 12 months. The key benefits are:

  • Increased stock file accuracy of 65% to 95% and above maintained on a regular basis
  • Counting hours reduced to 1/50th of a traditional barcode scan
  • Reduction in stock unavailable for web orders by between 25%-50% (where stock that is physically in stock is not available on line)
  • Web rejections reduced by over 10%
  • 50% reduction in out of stock lines where the system shows stock in the store so is not being replenished
  • Uplift in sales – typically retailers experience an increase of 5-6%; every 1% increase in stock file accuracy leads to an uplift in sales of 0.20%
  • Quicker check out time – up to 8 seconds per transaction in fast paced environments
  • Reduction in shrinkage

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