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Our retail inventory management services will help you build a precise picture of your business activity at any point in time to ensure your retail inventory is up to date and key stock lines never run dry.

Using the latest inventory control technology, our teams of highly trained auditors collect and relay information instantly from one location to another.

We know that in large retail chains with complex supply networks, getting a fast and accurate picture of stock levels across multiple locations can be hard to achieve.

At OCS Retail Support, we provide a range of specialised retail inventory management systems designed to do just that.

Stock transfers between stores and returns to depot are accurately tracked and audited by our teams who all have specialist insight into inventory control for retail including the identification, repackaging and return of stock lines for you.

Our inventory management services make it easy to check stock anomalies against physical stock to ensure your counts really do provide a true picture of the stock you hold.

Our inventory control for retail floor stock includes ensuring stock lines are labelled with the correct barcodes and that merchandising procedures are adhered to.

OCS Retail Support can even audit home delivery services, meeting the delivery at the customer’s address to check anything from accuracy of delivery, to vehicle condition, as well as the driver’s appearance and punctuality.

We also offer stock support for retail change management, including destocking and restocking, stock data management and goods receiving.

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Stock Loss and Corruption Services

The quality of a retailer’s stock control systems and procedures are key to its success as inefficiencies can result in lost revenue.

This covers all areas of a business which impact on stock loss, stock control and internal and external theft or fraud.

At OCS Retail Support, our profit protection service offers an end-to-end review of systems and procedures, including front of house and back of house, to identify any gaps and weaknesses in your retail inventory management process.

The results are used by our team in proposals for appropriate solutions, such as designing a new stock control process or strengthening an existing one.

Investment in state of the art retail inventory control systems is of little benefit to retailers if these fail to be implemented and managed correctly.

That’s why we provide a comprehensive range of compliance reviews, creating action plans and personalised training tools to ensure maximum benefit is derived from the stock control procedures which are already in place.

Our services include:

  • Systems and procedural reviews
  • Assessments and recommendations
  • Implementation and development
  • Compliance assessments
  • Action plans – formulation and implementation

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