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All retailers know how vital is to receive the right stock at the right time to meet consumer demand. Without thorough consignment checks, incorrect deliveries can go unnoticed and disputes can easily arise between parties in the supply chain. That’s why, to help you stay on track, we’ve developed a supply chain audit management service which brings huge benefits to suppliers, retailers and logistics operators alike.

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Our supply chain audit service places teams of highly trained auditors at all points along the supply chain to independently measure delivery accuracy. Equipped with the latest handheld terminals, they scan the barcode of each item comparing data electronically to consignment notes and invoices. This allows errors to be identified quickly and easily and performance reports to be generated.

Independent results enable our retail customers to make informed decisions, establish performance agreements with suppliers and logistics providers and even help manufacturers to protect themselves from claims of inaccurate order fulfilment.

Pick Accuracy

With today’s vast retail sector relying on customer availability as a key sales driver, distribution centres providing an accurate and efficient services to their stores are a key part of the supply chain process. Ensuring they can supply the right stock to the right stores exactly when required is vital to a successful retail operation.

Our pick accuracy audits enable us to help monitor the speed and accuracy of pickers working in the distribution centre, providing real-time feedback on the performance through our web based pick accuracy dashboard. The service can be provided in both your distribution centre network and also within the goods-in area at store.

Our experienced auditors can provide thorough investigations into the causes of any inaccuracies and work with the distribution team to resolve both operational and systemic issues. 

Load Adherence Checks

Today’s retail sector relies on just-in-time deliveries, making distribution centres a key part of the supply chain. Ensuring they can supply the right products exactly when they are required is vital to a successful retail operation.

Our teams of highly trained audit personnel spot-check vehicle loading compliance, to verify the stock that is picked is loaded to the right vehicle for the right store, to ensure that orders are correctly fulfilled.

As well as checking the accuracy of the vehicle loads, we will also validate that the vehicle has been loaded in a safe and proper manner, meaning case quality and integrity are maintained through the journey.

Vehicle loading compliance is reported through our load adherence dashboard, which gives a comprehensive picture of accuracy and also details the reasons for any errors.

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